Guitar Lessons For Beginners
When beginners start to learn the guitar it can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if the new guitarist is expected to learn the theory of music as well as the practical. That’s why Jack Sullivan of 2 Minute Mini Sessions created his Guitar Lessons For Beginners course.

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

The course if broken down into 16 weeks of lessons and utilizes Jacks 35 years of experience as a guitar player and music teacher. You see, Jack likes to cut straight through the music theory and get his students playing songs as quickly as possible. It’s his belief, from his extensive experience-teaching guitar to beginners that the quicker you start playing songs the more likely you are to stay playing guitar.

Jack’s Guitar Lessons For Beginners course has only recently been released but already it is receiving rave reviews from musicians, students and teachers across the globe. The laid back teaching style and “straight to the point” lessons ensure you are not wasting time learning theory, which doesn’t help you play real songs.

If you are a new guitarist searching for Guitar Lessons For Beginners then you really cant go past Jacks training. In fact in just 30 minutes from now you could be playing your very first song, while it’s not a Jimi Hendrix classic it’s definitely something to impress your friends with.

One of the things that Jack teaches you in his first free training video is how to choose the right guitar. Many beginner guitarists make the mistake of choosing the wrong guitar and as such never really achieve their musical potential.

You may be surprised to find out that the cost of your first guitar has no effect on whether it’s a great guitar. You can find out more in Jack’s Guitar Lessons For Beginners course.

Guitar Lessons For Beginners


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